Weekly Seminars

In Fecunditas, there are clinical conferences, bibliographies and seminars aimed at developing methodological theoretical discussions among the institute’s professionals. It is a space of communication of findings, advances, novelties and scientific questions that arise from the new challenges imposed by the experience in the field of fertility.
These meetings are held every Wednesday in the Fecunditas building and all professionals of the different specialties of the institute participate. It is the space in which issues that arise from everyday practice are discussed, as well as the novelties in fertility that travel the world. These are enriching meetings, in which all professionals, from their direct experience, contribute ideas and opinions that improve patient care day by day.
In addition, these meetings allow the staff to be updated in the different areas related to fertility and, at the same time, achieve a multidisciplinary approach to the issues addressed. This area contributes, week by week, to the construction of a united human group and a professional team of excellence.



Fecunditas conducts free talks and carries out an active communication and online dissemination agenda, with the aim of ensuring that anyone interested in fertility can understand what it is about.



Fecunditas, in the field of his specialty, goes beyond the borders of the institute, that is why it has become an Institute of Reproductive Medicine affiliated to the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Buenos Aires, in which he performs an active teaching . One of its Directors, Dr Roberto Coco, is the Coordinator of the Education Committee and Director of the Clinical Embryology Course of the Latin American Assisted Reproduction Network.



Fecunditas has a strong commitment to clinical research work, essential to exercise Reproductive Medicine with maximum excellence.
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