Fecunditas founded in 1999 the first Bioethics Committee specialized in fertility and new reproductive technologies in the country. Since then, every month a multidisciplinary team meets, made up of specialists who work in different disciplines within the Institute as well as external professionals and guests.
Its members have different ideologies and even beliefs, but agree on the common denominator of tolerance, respect for the opinions of others and the ability to dialogue to find a point of agreement through debate and deliberation on ethical conflicts arise from clinical practice. This area of ​​discussion and encounter is a strong guardian of the rights of patients.The Committee has operational independence to exercise its functions. It is chaired by Dr Roberto Coco and coordinated by MSc, Rut Willner of Dresdner, both founding members of this field. The opinions expressed in the meetings are transcribed in reports that often gave rise to works published in congresses of the specialty


Director of Fecunditas

Specialist in Reprogenetics – Graduate of the faculty of biochemistry of the U.B.A. in 1968.

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Degree in Psychology (UB). Specialist in Bioethics (FLACSO). Author of the book “Because we want to be parents”. Associate Professor (UB). Psychological Adviser Fecunditas. Founding Director of EPSARE (Psychological Team for Reproductive Care) from 1998 to 2005. Active Member of the Argentine Society of Reproductive Medicine. Member of the International Infertility Counseling Organization.

Doctor in Law and Social Sciences (UBA). Specialization in FLACSO, National Academy of Medicine, Chair of Bioethics of UNESCO, Argentine Association of Bioethics in Buenos Aires and UNMDP, Euroforum Felipe II of Madrid (Spain). Professor (UBA). Legal and bioethical advisor. Author of numerous works and books published in the country and abroad. Member of different Committees

Pastor of the Iglesia Bautista de Once (since 1987). He studied theology at the International Baptist Theological Seminary of Bs. As. Doctor of Theology (Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary of Forth Worth, Texas, USA). Professor (International Baptist Theological Seminary and the Baptist Institute of Biblical Formation). Vice President of the Theology Commission of the Baptist World Alliance and former vice president of the Ethics Commission of the same body. Member of the Social Ecumenical Forum.

Bachelor of Nursing (Universidad Maimónides). Specialized in neonatology. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the Neonatal Service of the Otamendi Sanatorium in Buenos Aires. He conducts a radio program on health and actively participates in forums of his specialty

Philosopher (UBA). Teacher (UBA and UNLA). Trained as a researcher at CONICET. Academic Coordinator of the Master in Methodology of the Inv. Scientist of the UNLA and co-director of the Center for Ethical Research of that university. Author of numerous specialized articles and several books. Full member of the Ethics Committee of the Pediatric Hospital Prof. Dr. Juan P. Garrahan (1996-2007 period) and currently of the General Hospital of Acute Dr. Teodoro Álvarez.